torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Have 2 watch, Anne Hathaway is just amazing!

Love that she's not afraid of looking stupid. She's soo fabulously cool!

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onsdag 27 april 2011

"You’re a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake."
- Emma Stone

tisdag 12 april 2011

Key to my heart

Boy you put me on the spot i don't know what to say
But i'm trying anyway
Like my hearts gonna drop
My mind drifts away and i can't control the pains

Words are spinning in my head
Don't know why i'm holding back
I should just tell you how i'm feeling yeah heh

But i don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If i let you know about the way i feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So i keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And i'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

The more i brush it off
Tell myself it's nothing at all
Deeper i fall
And i imagine everyday
A thousand different ways
How you respond to what i say
Am i getting lost in my dreams?
Are you unreachable to me?
Cause these butterflies just won't go away

I don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If i let you know about the way i feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So i keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And i'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

But if i never tell you then you'll never know
And the secret is get-ting heavy to hold
This is more than just a crush
So i may stut-ter when i speak
And my knees may get a little weak
But i've got nothing to lose and only you to gain
Tell me do you feel the same

But i don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If i let you know about the way i feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So i keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And i'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

-Key to my heart, Jessica Jarrell

fredag 8 april 2011

Why long for boys when there are shoes?

I've found my prom shoes after quite some looking,
now everything’s perfect,
well except for the fact that the completely beautiful, handsome, pretty boy
who should walk beside me and my dress is walking beside someone else’s.
Love sucks, lucky me I have my shoes to make me happy ;)


At last,
the sun warms up my face,
spring coat on,
snowdrops everywhere,
first icecream,
boys and girls in parks,
coffe outside,
wind turning hair into crazy curls,
boys in shirts,
girls in skirts.
At last,

torsdag 7 april 2011

lördag 2 april 2011

lördag 19 mars 2011


my mother doesn’t think I’ll come back
one year from now and a little more
I’ll spend my last summer before I’m gone
I still don’t know where I’m going
I’m really scared cause I love my mum and dad so much,
and granny and granddad,
what scares me the most is that I’ll miss days that could have been spent with them
and one day I’ll stand there and their all gone.
She thinks ill go fall in love, with a guy or 10 she says
and then I won’t want to come back.
but I love it here, I want to live here.
To that she just shakes her head and says;
when you love someone, countries doesn’t matter,
home is in their arms.

fredag 11 mars 2011

To snow or not to snow?

I'm not kidding, the weather here is crazy!
It's acts like the heart does,
it has no idea of what it wants,
really just the other day spring was everywhere,
birds singing, sunshine, happiness
now, it's a feckin snowstorm outside my window!
A moment ago you could actually see the pavement,
now everything is white!
I've had enough, I want spring back!

(Picture by Philipp Klinger flickr)

tisdag 8 mars 2011

Spring, at last.

At last,
I thought the cold would never go away,
that spring was just a dream,
something my head had made up,
at last the white sheet has disappeared,
warmth spreads across the skin,
the sun lights up my face,
I'm so happy,
I can't stop smiling,
I want to stay here in the happiness forever.

fredag 4 mars 2011

Make life your masterpiece.

Why do people seem to make life so much more complicated than it is?
Just live, laugh and love.
Take everyday as it comes.
Feel down sometimes,
but then remember all the beauty.
See everyday as a movie where you're the lead roll.

Make life your masterpiece.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

fredag 25 februari 2011

What would we do without love?


It hurts.
but you live.
you won’t regret the good days.
and the pain will pass,
even though it feels like it won't ever.
you think you’ll never meet anyone as good,
that you’ve lost your whole world,
because this boy was your world.
but you will survive,
and grow stronger,
you will always remember,
he’ll always be there,
in your heart,
but one day someone will take his place,
someone even more perfect,
someone that’s entirely prefect for you.


I thought of that week yesterday,
the week after you left me,
I really don't remember much,
it's pretty black those days.

I remember lying on the floor,
tired of all the tears,
tired of the hurt.

I didn't know half of why you'd left then,
maybe I was better off,
maybe that would had been unbearable.

I remember crying myself to sleep every night,
nothing really mattered,
and I hated myself for doing all this to myself,
all this for a boy?!

Life had been so wonderful,
I didn't and still don't regret what we had,
cause that was the best summer of my life,
and I learnt to love.

I mostly think of those nice days,
every memory dressed in a shimmery light,
But sometimes I remember those days,
the memories carrying a dim gray feeling,

I never knew something like that could give such physical pain,
I didn't believe broken hearts could actually feel like someone had literally broken your heart, stabbed it and crushed it.

I laid on my bedroom floor after you'd left,
tears everywhere,
my hands pressed to my chest.

Scars from the past

I miss you sometimes,
but it's a long time ago now,
I get mad at myself because when I'm really sad,
when I have no one to turn to,
I think of you.

It will never be the same,
I don't hate you for what happened,
but I would never let myself go back to you,
cause the hurt scares me,
and all thrust is gone.

Everything comes to an end.

Closing my eyes I remember,
remember the days where every day felt like taken from a movie

I remember driving your scoter,
you stering from behind,
I was so very happy.

I remember me lying on the floor with you topless ontop of me,
the summer sun slipping through the window,
the yellowie light in the room,
your curly hair in your face.

I remember sitting on the pier,
sun in my eyes,
tilting my head while watching you smile.

I remember going shopping,
you held my hand,
I felt so lucky,
you were mine and no one elses.

Those days are long gone,
it really was like a movie,
love, drama, happiness,
but as soon as the cameras were turned of,
when the time was up,
everything ended.

onsdag 23 februari 2011

You're killing me

I promise,
those days when I didn't know,
I promise I could've killed you,
killed you for making me wait,
for driving me crazy,
for making me catch my breath,
for making my heart race.

I promise I could've killed you,
killed you for making my days seem long,
for having you in every part of my brain,
for making me shake like a leaf,
for making my heart beat faster and faster.

Now, all my thoughts of wanting to kill you
for doing all of this is gone,
like the wind blows away the leaf I once was.

I remember the eyes,
the curly dark hair,
your face,
I couldn't kill you ever if I wanted,

cause that'd be suicide...

Do you understand?

I had this freak out where I started tidying my room,
rearranging my furniture and couldn't sit down for a minute,
when I at last sat down my body was shaking.

And then suddenly my phone makes a buzzing noise,
"how about coffee?"

And just like that I could breathe again,
I could think,
and I was happy.

I wonder why I freak out,
it's not that I didn't know he'd text.

I'm weird,
I sometimes really don't understand myself...

tisdag 22 februari 2011

Losing my breath...

I lost my breath yesterday,
it's sick really,
he hadn't texted and I think I panicked
crazy I know,
it's just that I lost it,
I never lose it.

And it's probably nothing
so I don't see why I'm freaking out
we've just meet,
we've texted once each,
and now i'm panicking.

I really need to relax,
think of something else,
but I can only think of how happy i'd be if I only got one text,
just one showing that he actually means what he says

I can't do my homework,
this is really stupid,
I'll watch Gilmore Girls or something
though I'll regret it cause my homework needs to be done,

why would anyone sane do this to themselves?

We're playing a game,
and it's killing me.

A day ago and I didn't even know you,
now I can't even get you of my mind.

This game is crazy,
it's driving me crazy

isn't this the excitement?
the thing keeping everything interesting.

But I can't stop thinking of those dark curls in your face,
the dark hair on your chin,
the blue eyes...

That smile,
oh I miss that smile.

Why do I have to wait,
not knowing if we'll meet again?

This game is crazy,
why would anyone sane do this to themselves?

I don't understand...

I hate it,
I absolutely hate it,
the waiting,
the wondering,
it drives me completely crazy!

Has he suddenly changed his mind?
Did I say something wrong?
Did he get my text?

Why do I do this to myself?!
I can't even concentrate,
and my heart races up and down,
why do we do this?
Why is this necessary?

I don't understand...

måndag 21 februari 2011


There's a new bus boy.
He's tall, dark curly hair and dark eyes,
but maybe that was just the lack of light,
they may be blue.
The bus broke down in the middle of the night,
and there he was.
I wasn't supposed to go out that night,
and I was supposed to go home early if I did decide to go out,
and when time got late i was supposed to sleep at a friends house,
and still I ended up on that bus early in the morning.
Sometimes I do wonder if everything is a coincidence
or if faith really exicts?

tisdag 15 februari 2011

First day at work!

i've been working two days in a row now,
it's been great, i've had so much fun!
Yesterday the firealarm went on the floor above us
because someone decided to burn up a bun in the microwave,
and me and my two workmates hurried out to the hallway
to see the firemen run up the staricase,
we missed them but decided to wait until they came running down.

When four VERY fit goodlooking firemen came down the stairs
the had big smiles on their faces,
i guess the other nurses in the apartment had quite an similar idea to our ;)

söndag 13 februari 2011

Stomach, meet butterflies

His hair is dark,
so is his eyes,
every time I meet those eyes i lose it,
I don't flirt,
I always flirt,
but I can't,
maybe it's because this time I have something to lose.

he's funny, but seems a bit lost,
but he's oh so nice,
but maybe he's just a dream,
all his beauty lies in the distance between us,
the not knowing,
maybe when revealing ourselfs,
to each other,

the beauty disapears?

But for now,
Stomach meet butterflies...

lördag 12 februari 2011

Broken hearts, just not mine.

I broke a boy today,
I'd understand if he hates me,
I'd probably hate me too,
but I really didn't mean to hurt him,
there was just something missing,
there's always something missing.
Wish I could find that missing part in some boy,
some boy who'll be my everything...

Love? What is it anyway?

so tell me why is love so complicated?

people tell me the world is cruel, that you'll meet people, boys who hurt you.
but i've meet so many nice people. so many nice boys
i wish i could love, because even though i like them i never fall
why dont i fall?
maybe that's good, not getting hurt, but will i ever experiance love?
i'd like to love,
really love someone
opening my heart so much i'd break when i get hurt
not that i want to get hurt
just that i'd want to love,
find somebody who becomes my whole world,
my whole exictance.
Is that weird?

tisdag 18 januari 2011

Monique Lhuiller Pre- Fall 2011

tisdag 11 januari 2011


Eventually one has to get back to reality ...