fredag 27 november 2009

Nice day today...

I'm home today couldn't bother with school when I maneged to miss two busses after each other, I'll do some homework instead. I had a great day yesterday and today looks kinda good too. So have a great friday people. Kisses!

lördag 21 november 2009

Failure cupcakes, nice day and New Moon

I made cupcakes this morning, it didn't go too well :P I hade the wrong type of flour and they didn't rise, and more than that they taste weird as well XD It's beautiful outside right now, at least if you're inside looking out. The sun is shining through the window a bit fairytale-like.

I saw New Moon last night, with a lot of wonderful people... 30 too be precise, all my friends. It was good but I'm a bit confused that everything went so fast and I thought you couldn't really get a grip of it. It was good but I can't decide if it was better than the first?
Just thought the picture was nice^^

söndag 15 november 2009


For 7 years I was the horse girl and then school started getting thougher so I had to stop. Horses takes a lot of time, butthey are amazing animals. These beautifull pictures are taken by Yann Arthus Berstrand.

tisdag 10 november 2009

Shouldn't be posting this post...

( - Reaubain)
I shouldn't be posting this post, I should do my homework... as usuall. But I'm bored and lonely and I really liked this picture, so I'm posting anyway without having anything eles to say more than you guys out there who should also be doing homework, get started! (That includes me! I'll try!)

Tired and lonely... and homework.

This is how I feel most days now, eventhough I don't drink coffe. I used to be a morning person, but nowaday I'm just awfully tired, guess I should go to bed a little less late. Josefine was here after school yesterday and we had a great time it feelt like the weekend hadn't ended, which I liked. Now I have to get some homework done, can't run anymore...


This is so what I need, guess where I ended up a bit to fast...
Our song was on the radio today, just so you know...

måndag 2 november 2009


Found this lovely picture on deviantart, it really makes me wish it was summer...

When I...

There are really too many nice sayings and when I am too pick a picture for a post I have soo much too choose of I can bearly decide, soo here comes a few randome nice ones^^

(Pics 2 and 3 are from deviantart)

Lägg till bild


Went too a halloween party this weekend and meet wonderful people ^^ which I hope to get to know better. I also meet Josefin who's on an excange year in Brussel! It was great to meat her again!

So now that schools started again after a week of holiday I guess I'll have too start concentrating.