måndag 18 januari 2010


I surprised my boyfriend today! The last week I haven’t had time to meet up with him, and after feeling a bit bad for being a lousy girlfriend I thought id surprise him, so I dragged my lazy butt out of bed this morning instead of having a sleeping and took the buss to his school, there I found his classroom and then sent him a text asking him to “go to the toilet”. He then thought I was going to give him a call, but SURPRISE, I was in the hallway. So I took his mind of the math lesson for a while, and ohh I have missed his kisses. That was the best breakfast I’ve ever had ;)

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Spring/ summer 2010

Versace (my favourite)


Zac Posen



Oscar de a Renta

Oscar de a Renta

Jason Wu



Ralph Lauren

Here's a few of my faves from the spring/summer 2010 catwalks, I didn't really jump high at anything, but there's a few bits and pieces that are pretty nice. It looks like denim (all throug from top 2 toe), trench coats, blazers and colour are the new trends. I'm really looking forward towards spring though I'm getting pretty tired of all the snow -_-'

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Sick n tired n all together pissed.

Fuck, fuck, fuck I absolutely can’t take her anymore, I’ve cleaned the kitchen, hovered the floors and then I ironed all the clothes and still after the supper I get the biggest scolding about how I don’t do anything anymore and how I’m never at home! Thanks, I just stayed home from a trip with my friends and I really try to schedule so that I’m home and helping, but still in the end all I get is a mayor lesson about how I do nothing and that all I can do is run around shopping and go to cafes. I’m pissed by how I all of a sudden can’t do anything right! I’m happy I’ll be alone all day tomorrow anyway. I'm just really sick and tired of all the nagging.

söndag 3 januari 2010

Lazy Days

Soon the holiday will be over and I feel kinda sad, I really do not look forward to early mornings and school all day, though I haven't done too much during all my free time, mostly relaxing and taking it easy with the people I like ^^
On Tuesday I think I'm going to the museum to see a Bollywood exhibition! Looking forward.