tisdag 22 februari 2011

Losing my breath...

I lost my breath yesterday,
it's sick really,
he hadn't texted and I think I panicked
crazy I know,
it's just that I lost it,
I never lose it.

And it's probably nothing
so I don't see why I'm freaking out
we've just meet,
we've texted once each,
and now i'm panicking.

I really need to relax,
think of something else,
but I can only think of how happy i'd be if I only got one text,
just one showing that he actually means what he says

I can't do my homework,
this is really stupid,
I'll watch Gilmore Girls or something
though I'll regret it cause my homework needs to be done,

2 kommentarer:

  1. I so understand you. It's not strange at all to feel that way. Keep smiling, and keep positive:) Lovely blog

  2. Thanks <3 He answered and suddenly everything calmed down, we're meeting soon.
    Love your blog too! It's amazing!