fredag 11 mars 2011

To snow or not to snow?

I'm not kidding, the weather here is crazy!
It's acts like the heart does,
it has no idea of what it wants,
really just the other day spring was everywhere,
birds singing, sunshine, happiness
now, it's a feckin snowstorm outside my window!
A moment ago you could actually see the pavement,
now everything is white!
I've had enough, I want spring back!

(Picture by Philipp Klinger flickr)

2 kommentarer:

  1. To snow of course! It's the wish of every girl who lives in a tropical country. Snowflakes, snowman... ;)

  2. Well it is quite nice and beautiful at first, but after 3 months freezing and waking up seeing everything pitch dark outside your window it's kind of depressing :P but I agree it's beautiful at times and I guess if you never have it where you live you'll want it ;)