fredag 25 februari 2011

Everything comes to an end.

Closing my eyes I remember,
remember the days where every day felt like taken from a movie

I remember driving your scoter,
you stering from behind,
I was so very happy.

I remember me lying on the floor with you topless ontop of me,
the summer sun slipping through the window,
the yellowie light in the room,
your curly hair in your face.

I remember sitting on the pier,
sun in my eyes,
tilting my head while watching you smile.

I remember going shopping,
you held my hand,
I felt so lucky,
you were mine and no one elses.

Those days are long gone,
it really was like a movie,
love, drama, happiness,
but as soon as the cameras were turned of,
when the time was up,
everything ended.

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