fredag 25 februari 2011


I thought of that week yesterday,
the week after you left me,
I really don't remember much,
it's pretty black those days.

I remember lying on the floor,
tired of all the tears,
tired of the hurt.

I didn't know half of why you'd left then,
maybe I was better off,
maybe that would had been unbearable.

I remember crying myself to sleep every night,
nothing really mattered,
and I hated myself for doing all this to myself,
all this for a boy?!

Life had been so wonderful,
I didn't and still don't regret what we had,
cause that was the best summer of my life,
and I learnt to love.

I mostly think of those nice days,
every memory dressed in a shimmery light,
But sometimes I remember those days,
the memories carrying a dim gray feeling,

I never knew something like that could give such physical pain,
I didn't believe broken hearts could actually feel like someone had literally broken your heart, stabbed it and crushed it.

I laid on my bedroom floor after you'd left,
tears everywhere,
my hands pressed to my chest.

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