fredag 11 september 2009


They won't stop complaining! I've recently changed from nature to civics and my parents keep complaining that I'm changing, getting lazy, don't wear my glasses, wear other clothes... and so on.

The thing is I'm in a new class, new friends and new life. It was the same when I started my new class only that then I was one of the good working girls without life! Now I still do my homework and concentrate at school only I find everything more easily now and they all say it hasn't really started yet. So it will get tougher just never as though as nature was.

The reason I don't wear my glasses as much is that it feels better with lenses. Simple for me, but hard to accept for them.

Other clothes, yes I'm trying to use all my clothes because mum complains about me not using everything in my wardrobe.

I do love them, but it does make me sad when the only thing they do is complain now that I feel that I've found the right path. Because today I really realised that I found chemistry really hard because I went on whole year and had chemistry and still when we had nature science today I was lost.

I really do like it better now so I hope that soon they realise this and complements me instead of complaining.

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