onsdag 16 september 2009

Partys over

Hi everyone!

I had a huge bag with me to school yesterday, me and my friend Elin went to a party last night, we meet a few friends at a cafe before, but well at the party it turns out the idiot who sold us the ticket hadn't only not told us about neeing identifiction cards with us, but he had also sold us tickets for the club with 18 years limit! I don't know if he's just stuoid, tinks we were 18 or if he hadn't any more tickets left but we ended up meating a bunch of people outside in the area, peeing in bushes and eating in macdonalds :P We had a great evening just being out, but you still get a bit pissed of.
Later talking to a few friends who got in it turned out we didn't really miss anyting ;)
Well this is the reason my bag was big, it contained make-up, evening clothes, gymclothes (for school), clothes for the next day (I sleept at my granny and grandads apartment in the city) and a lot more usless things.
I must say it was a bit though though waking up and going to school the next morning :S
Xxx Lady Ribbon xxX

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