tisdag 8 september 2009


Dress with diffrent patterns? I like!


I wanted to die my hair like this when I saw this picture! Wouldn't that be nice and soo diffrent! (This picture is for Johanna who tought it would look discusting when I tried to explain XD)

The coat to the right! I soooo want it!

Decorate your wall! It looks like your i a japanese garden!

I love these! Tell me if you know where to buy them!

Crazy dress? I'd wear it anytime!


Told you I loved white rooms ;)

Beautiful walls anyone?

I Love white bedrooms, they look soo clean!

Love the hanger and the colours!

So I know I'm very bad at posting and when I do, I post loads. But I couldn't resist not posting these wonderful design, fashion and just cute photos. Btw! Is someone going to see "The September Issue?" I soo need a friend to go with who's as crazy as I am in fashion!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Josefin Hansén8 september 2009 21:35

    Den frisyren skulle passa skiit bra på dig!
    Jag är så himla avundsjuk på ditt hår vill ju också kunna klippa det såå!!

  2. Va inte avundsjuk -_-' mitt hår e en pina å ditt e underbart! <3