onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Model for a day?

Today I was at this place called modellab to take a look at the photos they had taken of me and my friends a few days ago. It was fun shooting and I must say I had high expectations for the photos, but I was slightly disappointed. I'm not a photo expert, but I do photograph a lot on my leisure time so I was a bit surprised when I saw that the photograph had do easy mistakes like black clothes against a black background, on one picture with me sitting by a mirror table the reflection in the table was slightly blurred. I also must say that the color of the clothes was way too bright and took up most of the attention on the picture.

I'm happy we didn’t have to pay for the makeup and photographing, I did buy 2 pictures (got 1 free) but of course at least 3 pictures turns out well if they took 60?!

Anyway it was a fun experience but as I said, don't take it to serious.

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