onsdag 19 augusti 2009

First day with my new class!

So the first day of school is over...

My class now knows I'm not in their class anymore, and they were kind of shocked by this information (I don't blame them they didn't have a clue)

So now I'm a social science kid instead of a nature kid. Good or Bad? We'll see...

The first day was kind of messy, I taught I'd be starting in S2a but it turned out I was wrong and I'm now in S2b. I also thought I'd be able to continue Spanish, but that didn't work out soo from tomorrow on I'm starting my first class in German. We’ll see how that works out!

Because this class already had a year together I still haven't spoken much too my classmates, but there is another new girl in my class, she's a exchange student from Germany! So I've spent most of the day speaking English.

It's been a weird, messy but fun day today, let's just hope everything works out well in the future, at last I got a good schedule! ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. weei, jag hörde om ditt byte där!!! spännande hörru!! haha snacka om en överraskning!! ;) pussss

  2. Jaa ja e så ledsen att ja inte kunde säga nått men allt va så osäkert in i de sista :/ Men ja trivs! Å så träffar ja de andra i korridorerna ;)