tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Last Day!

Oh it's sad! This is my last day of my holiday :/
I'll so miss just hanging around the house and not wake up until 11.

But that’s life, what awaits now is days from 6 until 10 filled with school, homework and just feeling miserable.

I'm looking out my window and it's sunny right now, it looks a bit windy but nice :)
I think I’m going out to photograph, better make the best of my last day!

Because I love tulledresses here are a few!
Xxx Lady Ribbon xxX

3 kommentarer:

  1. i LOVE the dresses!! and hey, did you get your camera yet????

  2. och btw , jag älskar den nya designen!!! SÅ SNYGGT!!

  3. YES the camera is now mine! Canon Eos 450D! The first pictures was with my friend over an weekend we took like 600 pictures XD not too many serious though :P

    Tack <3 Miss u!