tisdag 31 mars 2009

Novell writing

”Oww!” I shouted out into the evening, hearing my voice echoing in between the houses. I’d tripped on one of the nicely laid stones on the path leading through the terrace houses. My brother, walking in front of me turned around to see what happened. We were standing right beside a picture of Jesus, and I could hear the voices from the Spanish families talking. I looked at the wall beside me seeing a lizard disappearing into the flower-bush clinging to the house wall reaching for the sky. A cat stopped in the middle of the road to look at us and then jumped up on the window sill through the bars covering the window and into the darkness of the house it disappeared. I loved walking here in the evening when the temperature was comfortable and looking up towards the sky. The stars were brighter here compared to home and the moon lit up the evening with a dim light. Walking towards our door we passed a group of people chatting with each other. Before closing the door I looked out towards the background of mountains knowing I would be missing this when I go home, and so I turned around and closed the door behind me, shutting out the voices from the street.

The beginning from some type of novel I´m writing, this part is actually from my own experience, but the rest of the novel (not finished) is all made up.
(I took the picture in Spain picturing the cat from the text stopping in the middle of the road ^^)

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