tisdag 17 mars 2009

I meet my DreamBoy!!!!! :D

I am Soooo sorry just remembered I'm supposed to post quotes with every post! I absolutly forgot! I promise I'll remember next time! Well here is one anyway:

"Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today."

A nice and true quote even though I don't follow it!

I finished school at 11 today, but wasn't on my way home until 12, anyway on the bus was the cutest guy I've ever seen! I first saw him on when this fat bussdriver walked upp and down the buss for some reason, and we just looked at each other, and I just thought God he's beautiful! We keept looking at each other all the way home until I had to get of, we made eye contact once more and then I went of the bus. On my way home I just keept smiling sheepishly and when I came home I just jumped around. But I may never meet him again :( He was tall, cute, dark eyes, dark curley hair (soooo nice!) maybe 18 years of age or so!!! Ohhh hope I meet him!

Oh I sooooo hope faith puts us on the same bus again! I'll take the same bus the same time next week aswell! I can always hope can't I!!

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  1. Å det citatet var verkligen jättebra. Du måste berärra mer om ditt möte med denna mystiska och snygga kille :D