måndag 9 februari 2009


"What is this powerful feeling that has possessed
your mind, seduced your body and touched your soul,
this glorious elevation that defies logical explanation?"

I changed my name because I thought I was lucky that nobody had the same name but that could have something to do with the fact that I'd spelled my name wrong! Yeah so now my name is LadyRibbon!

I've also started reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer today, it’s been standing in my bookshelf for quite a while, but I haven’t dared to read it, I think it’s sad that it’s all going to end after that book! So I didn’t read it because I didn’t want it to end but starting reading it would probably ruin my homework. And I’m, just like everybody else absolutely crazy in love with Edward, the sex god, Greek statue and stunning vampire, he really answers the question "What is this thing called love?"! Well have a nice day; I’m going back to reading!

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  1. Haha! Det var på tiden du började läsa den. Jag håller ju på att läsa eclipse nu som du vet och den är värkligen jättebra :) Jag hade tänkt att läsa breakind dawn på påsklovet för att inte bli avbruten under skolarbetet. Men jag kanske ändrar mig, jag vill nämligen inte heller att Twilight-serien ska ta slut.
    Hörs snart Kram Josefine