onsdag 11 februari 2009

Just another day passing by...

"It’s irrational, it’s delightful, it’s exiting,
it’s deliriously addictive and out of this world wonderful.
Two willing captives in each another’s arms, night and day melt into one
breathless moment.

So today has been a good day I've actually got something done, I tidied and rearranged my room, though my tiding got a bit on my mother’s nerves. I think I took my time going around with the feather duster (which I never use but I thought it was kind of fun this time) the I think I used the wrong thing on my glass table which made the glass, hmm, a bit less clean than before. So my mum went a bit mad (but she's Irish so it's ok) but when we were finished we went and ate Ice cream ;) then I did some homework and watched Veronica Mars! Now I'm going to bed, se ya!

1 kommentar:

  1. :D Jag älskar dina bilder! sitter bredvid Holm nu i skolan, jag har hört att du har fina bilder på din bdb så jag lägger till dig där med ;) fortsätt skriv om Twilight o Veronica Mars <3, dom e bra! :)
    // Julia