onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Now I know what heartache is...

Listening to Bob Dylan - I want you and thinking about the week that's been.
He left me, my beautiful favorite person. The hard part is he didn't even want to. He's likes me and I like him it couldn't be more simple could it?
The summer has been a carrousel, I've been dizzy with everything that has happened. I've meet boy's, been to Sicily and Ireland, meet friends, done something's and nothings.
At the beginning of the summer I meet him. The boy I've seen on the bus, my friend actually knows him so he says hello and sits down by me sometimes. One day he was just a boy on the bus, next he was My Busboy. But love isn't always easy, everyone knows that. He was just a crush, a hottie I was surprised had fallen for me. The summer went, a month after happy laughs and crazyness reality hit, he had to take a pause because of something that had happened. After two weeks I was bored, I'd meet a man at a café (yes a man, not a boy) after leaving my number on a napkin. Everything was exciting.
My busboy on the other hand hadn't let go of me. I was weird with the way we actually hadn't meet when we were in our relationship. We tried again. And failed. I meet a friend, a nice boy, but when I had to choose I was confused. But this nice boy was for me only a great friend.
Soon I started falling for real for my busboy, after a summer of ups and down I realised how much he meant to me and that I really didn't want to be without him. He felt the same, but as the summer was almost over he was leaving town.
After kissing in the rain, cuddling, laughter and more kisses tears drowned my face as he left me.
Now everything reminds me of him, but I've stopped crying, I'm too tired, but I think of him every minute and now I know what heartache is...

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