onsdag 8 juli 2009

Vampire fans!

"Being Human"
"I heart Vampires"

Well for all vampire fans reading my blog and who lives in Sweden I hope you have'nt missed the latest BBC serie's SVT is showing! It's called "Being Human", it's about a ghost, a warewolf and a vampire! ^^ (I like!)

It's on every Sunday at SVT 1 21.00 and is shown in 6 episodes, and if you missed the first episode you can look at it on SVTplay here; http://svtplay.se/t/112199/premiar__being_human

There is also a show called "I heart vampires" http://www.take180.com/
(you can also watch som other fun shows here like "My Alibi"!!!!)

SO not only are these serie's great, they also have two new hotties! Adam Chambers from "I Heart Vampires" the guy on the second picture (he's even hotter in My alibi!) And Aidan Turner who plays the vampire in "Being Human" the guy to the right on the first picture! ;)
Please tell me what you thaught of the serie's if you watch them!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love Being Human, I'm not finished watching but so far it's been great! :) And I will check out I Heart Vampires too ;D

  2. Josefin Hansén29 augusti 2009 18:06

    Kollade precis på I Heart Vamipres, I'm STUCKED!! Seriöst, skit bra och rolig!! Har kollat hela säsongen precis och blev typ ledsen när ja inte kunde se mer xD haha , men skit bra!