tisdag 5 maj 2009

There just something about guys you meet on the bus!

Ok, so I seem to meet the cutest guys on the bus, but no relationship can hold that way, I can prove that.

This time though I totally panicked! This guy came to sit beside me on the bus, I'm still not absolutely sure how he looks, I never got a good look at him (didn’t want to stare and he was sitting beside me, help me find a way to stare sideways into the bus?!). He wore white jeans, a black leather jacket, a cap and sun glasses (inside, please), he had dark hair (god I love dark haired guys!).
So anyway the story is that he sat down beside me and I had this huge bag with chickensallad in it (hmm…) and my schoolbag, so I had my legs more on his side than my. Everything was calm, but then his leg started touching mine, and I though “ok it doesn’t matter” but he kept hitting in to me over and over again. Then he started looking at me once or twice, and so he took off his sunglasses and took a better look again, and then leaned back against his seat. I was by this stage starting to panic a bit, sure he was good looking, but I didn’t know the guy!
Then he started falling asleep, and I though “thank god”, but his head stated falling towards me. I was absolutely panicking now! What was i going to do if he fell asleep on my shoulder!!!!! I started making up sentences like; “Im sorry”, “Huhu *cough*”, “Em, where are you going off?”. He was leaning nearer and nearer and so I leaned forward pretending to look for something in my bag, he was waking up and then falling asleep again over and over and coming nearer each time, I called my friend, but she didn’t answer, then my father, he couldn’t talk right then, and then my friend again. And thank goo she answered!
I kept talking to her all the way having the guy closely beside me. Sure it could have been nice if I knew the guy, but I didn’t have a clue that he was. Well maybe this was just my side, he maybe does this to every person he sits beside on the bus, but well it was a adventurous bus ride home I had today ^^

Maybe the reason guys on the bus seems so much better are because you only know them for like an half an hour, then their gone and you never see them again.

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  1. u should have said "I sorry, do I know u?" "Oh... I sorry my mistake" "I'm Jasmine by the way" or something like that! I never meet cute guys on my bus, maybe cuz I live in Frillesås, in the middle of no where! thanks for telling about your cute guys you meet on the bus, they are funny to read! //julia